Ukraine – Transportation, Medical Supplies & Food

CDR continues to respond to the crisis in the Ukraine. We have people on the ground helping out. Transporting people to safer locations. Providing much needed food. Medical supplies. Also beds which we are now building the frames.

The most important life saving meds and medical supplies that are needed right now are Thyroxin, Insulin and Suture Kits.

The bunk beds are in the process of being manufactured locally and the centers are receiving them as they are finished.  The refugees are thankful for the beds.

We continue the effort to get people out of the areas of fighting when they get word to us through several contacts we have developed.  It seems like those fleeing are starting to die down in numbers but there is still a steady flow and work to be done on that front.

Thank you for your prayer and financial support.

Pray for many to come to Christ!


Dr. Ron Patterson

Medical Supplies

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