URGENT: Emergency Preparedness Bulletin

When we organized CHRISTIAN DISASTER RESPONSE in 1988, There Were Only nine (9) Faith Based groups providing Disaster Relief.

After every Major Disaster since then the number has increased by scores. Now that number is over one hundred (100) organizations.

However, because of the ever growing number of Natural and Man Caused Disasters, another approach is needed. One I have been mentioning for years.

All disasters are local to a community. If local churches, ministries, missions and related schools are prepared to survive a disaster, then they can start providing assistance to the local community long before an outside responding organization arrives. But they need proper training first to prepare.

CHRISTIAN DISASTER RESPONSE offers complete Disaster Preparedness (survival) and Response Training second to none.

The training covers everything you need to know, based on our more than (35) years of National and International experience.

The Bible teaches us to be prepared and provide care to those stricken by a disaster.

It is time to stop relying on others and follow the Biblical example and do Kingdom work. Pray about this Church Mission opportunity and if you feel led contact our office for detailed information.

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