Philippines Typhoon Ursula

Please consider helping us with a donation so we can continue to help out with relief needed for victims of Typhoon Ursula in the Philippines. Below is a response from one of our Christian Disaster Response representatives on the ground in the Philippines.

Thank you very much Dr. Patterson.

I am attaching here some info graphics containing official cold and hard facts regarding the series of earthquakes in Mindanao island, southern Philippines. This info graphics doesn’t include the deaths and damage by the flooding in central and northern Philippines. The information also doesn’t include the further damage caused by the most recent major aftershocks in the areas yesterday, 12/21/19 with magnitude 4.4, and early this morning 12/22/19 at magnitude 3.1 and 3.5.

Your pledge of assistance has renewed our hope and commitment to keep reaching out to the most vulnerable ones all for the glory of the Lord our God.  He shall richly bless you even more.

Yours in Christ’s service, Bro. Vincent Balingan