Hurricane Florence Report

CDR was asked to respond to Hurricane Florence in North Carolina.  Four churches requested our assistance.  However due to the flooding of I 95 and other North bound highways, we were unable to respond to any of the four.  One church suggested that we respond to an area in Robeson County.  That’s where we were due to flooding trapping our convoy.  Robeson County is the poorest county in NC and home to the Largest Indian (Lumbee} Tribe east of the Mississippi, We set up our operation in the City of Pembroke.

CHRISTIAN DISASTER RESPONSE was the only Disaster Relief group in the area. 

Here is our report;

4 rooms for 4 nights at Holiday Inn Express was covered by Pembroke NC.

4,000 meals were served from Friday night through Tuesday night.

700 families received our “Gifts of the Heart” Recovery Kits.

We ministered to a number of people whose homes were flooded, praying with them and others who needed encouragement.  Just letting them tell their stories helped them in their emotional recovery.

1,895 volunteer hours served on site in Pembroke. 

We are still in need of funds to pay off the expense we occurred.

A very special thanks to all who served, donated and prayed for this mission.