Continued Support and Relief to Victims of Hurricane Matthew and Haiti Flooding

CHRISTIAN DISASTER RESPONSE continues to provide relief to the victims of Hurricane Matthew and to those experiencing the flooding in Haiti. Volunteers and support are urgently needed!

Since the Media goes on to other stories after a major disaster occurs, people think that all is well with those affected by the disaster. Nothing is further from the truth!

The recovery efforts can go on for months even years.

CHRISTIAN DISASTER RESPONSE is still providing assistance to the victims of Hurricane Mathew and the Flooding that occurred the following month in Haiti.   Conditions are still very bad. Thousands have no food, since all lifestock and crops where washed away.  They are relying on Organizations like CDR to provide them with urgently needed food, clean water and medical care.  Every few week we ship food and other relief supplies, that are distributed by local churches in the most affected areas.   However we must have your prayerful support to continue to meet urgent needs.  Your prayers and financial support REALLY DO SAVE LIVES.  Our next volunteer team departs for Haiti Febuary 9th. Please consider helping the response effort by volunteering and or making a contribution.  You may contact us for more information on the Haiti response.